The Classroom Fund will allow families to donate directly to a particular classroom.  As everyone knows, our teachers go above and beyond for our children. What many may not know is that they also often go out of pocket to provide supplies, rewards and other items for their classrooms. In the past, the PTO has given teachers a $300 gift towards their classroom costs at the beginning of the year, but that money was often “borrowed” from the school by the PTO and repaid as different fundraisers took place throughout the year.  The impact of Covid19 not only shut down school, but it prevented us from holding two of our biggest fundraisers last year and will likely impact our fundraising efforts this year, so we are unable to make that gift this year without your help. 

To prevent this from happening in the future and to try and support our teachers this year, we have created a fund for each grade, plus Extended Day, Music, Art, Library/Media and PE, with a goal of raising $300 for each. 

Even a donation as little as $10.00 to your child’s classroom fund will go a long way. Please consider giving to these classroom funds. If you prefer to write a check, please send your check in to the office and in the memo write the classroom fund to which you are donating, or include a note with your check. This is a great way to directly impact your child's classroom experience.

Thank you for supporting our school and our teachers.



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Preschool 3

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First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

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