In an effort to better inform parents of volunteer opportunities and to make it easier for parents to sign up for volunteer opportunities, the PTO has created this page for parents to sign up for a particular event.  Many volunteer opportunities will have multiple volunteer slots for a committee of volunteers, and each such committee will be overseen by one or more board members.  

Each family is required to volunteer 20 hours during the school year, but if you are unable or unwilling to volunteer you have the option of paying an Opt Out Fee of $200.00, which represents $10.00 per volunteer hour.  If you opt to be included in one of the three hourly options, it is still your responsibility to make sure you get your minimum hours for the year.  A sign in sheet will be available for hourly events and it is up to you to sign in and out of those events.




This page will be available on the school webpage throughout the year, and may change from time to time depending upon school events.  Please check back to find new volunteer opportunities.

If you want to volunteer for a committee that is already full, please email PTO and we will put you in contact with that committee.

Thank you for your support.